AusNet safety signage regarding 3m operating height

AusNet recently installed new safety signs in some locations under existing transmission lines, including the existing 220kV BATS-BETS transmission line in the Ballarat region. We apologise for any confusion and concern created for landholders and communities relating to the installation of these signs.

The purpose of installing these signs was to ensure the safety of people that operate under and near our existing transmission lines. We installed 26 signs across Victoria following a light detecting and ranging (LiDAR) survey of our transmission network which highlighted the clearance between our existing transmission lines and the ground was close to minimum requirements in some areas. This activity was part of the routine inspections of our existing network operations and is not related to the Western Renewables Link project.

We would like to assure landholders there has been no change to the operating standards for landholders within the existing transmission network, which are outlined in AusNet’s Guide to living with transmission line easements. The signs that were installed communicate the requirement for existing transmission lines that vehicles over 3 metres high are prohibited from passing underneath without a safety assessment.

The proposed new Western Renewables Link 500kV transmission line is being designed with a minimum 15 metre ground clearance to allow vehicles and machinery up to 5 metres high to operate underneath, and up to 8.6 metres high if permitted by AusNet following a safety assessment. More information about permitted activities under the proposed Western Renewables Link transmission line can be found in the Landholder Guide: Land access, easements and compensation.

We will continue to work with individual landholders to discuss their transmission line clearance concerns and explore the options available for their properties.

Landholders with an existing transmission line on their property who need to use equipment over 3 metres high can contact AusNet to discuss their requirements and apply for a permit via email to

Please contact us on 1300 360 795 or via email to if you would like further information about this matter.