AusNet to capture mapping and imagery data via light aircraft

UPDATE 5 October: Due to poor visibility, this work is not yet finished and a few more hours of flying will be required. Landholders along the flight path who have provided us with their contact details will be contacted on days when flying will take place. To sign-up for SMS updates email

UPDATE 2 September: Due to poor weather and low visibility over the last two weeks, the flyovers have not taken place. This work will now happen during the fortnight beginning Monday, 5 September.

AusNet Services will be conducting light detection and ranging (often known as LiDAR) and aerial mapping surveys during the week commencing Monday, 22 August.

This work will allow AusNet to capture up-to-date imagery and mapping to assist the Western Renewables Link (WRL) project team with ongoing discussions with landholders. The data will also help us as we continue to analyse geographic and topographic factors that need to be considered for the project’s Environment Effects Statement.

The data will be collected by a light aircraft that will operate within a corridor two kilometres wide; one kilometre either side of the proposed WRL route.

The aircraft will fly no lower than 880 metres above ground level at any point. Given the significant flying altitude the plane shouldn’t cause any disturbance on the ground and is likely to go relatively unnoticed during this work.

It is expected the aircraft will make up to four passes within this corridor to capture all the necessary information. We have allowed for a 10-day flying window in case poor weather causes delays, but with optimal conditions the plane will operate over two-to-three days.

One night-time flight will be required for the section of the proposed route near Sydenham where there is controlled air space for Melbourne Airport.

AusNet will send email and SMS notifications to affected landholders in the cases where we have contact details. This will include a confirmation SMS the day of the flights. If you have land along the proposed route and want to register your contact details, please contact us via 1300 360 795 or

About the project

The Western Renewables Link is a proposed electricity transmission line that will carry renewable energy from western Victoria to homes across the state and into the National Electricity Market.

The project is critical infrastructure required to unlock the renewable energy potential of western Victoria as a key Renewable Energy Zone and will help to deliver clean and affordable energy to Victorians.

Once complete, the additional transmission line capacity will carry enough energy to power more than 500,000 homes.

Project updates

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