Essential Services Commission seek feedback on the Statement of Expectations for land access in Victoria

The Essential Services Commission has developed a Draft ‘Statement of Expectations’ in relation to how transmission companies engage with landholders to access private land. They are currently seeking feedback and will be holding a public webinar on 4 April 2022. Register your attendance here.

For further information or to make a public submission visit Engage Victoria’s website.

About the WVTNP

The WVTNP is planning a new 190km transmission line from Bulgana to Sydenham, which will put downward pressure on electricity costs while providing Victorian communities with access to renewable energy.

This project is needed to urgently reduce congestion on the existing transmission network and is estimated to increase the Renewable Energy Zone hosting capacity in Western Victoria significantly.

Once complete, the additional transmission line capacity will carry enough energy to power more than 500,000 homes.

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