New landholder guide and webinars on farming and easement safety

Updated information about easement safety and permitted activities is now available for landholders within the proposed Western Renewables Link route, with a focus on agricultural and farming activities. 

The Landholder Guide: Easement safety and permitted activities provides comprehensive information about topics such as:

  • Agricultural, farming and general activities allowed in the Western Renewables Link easement.
  • Safety clearances.
  • Safety assessments and permits to work.
  • Guidelines around transmission tower bases.

The new guide expands on information provided in the previously published Landholder Guide: Land access, easements and compensation.

To learn more, visit the farming with the Western Renewables Link webpage, or attend a webinar session to hear from specialists and ask questions about farming activities within and near the proposed easement for the Western Renewables Link.

To register your attendance for one of the webinars, click on the links below.

Webinar 1 Monday 25 March 11am-12.30pm

Webinar 2 Monday 25 March 7pm-8.30pm

About the project

The Western Renewables Link is a proposed electricity transmission line that will carry renewable energy from western Victoria to homes and businesses across the state and into the National Electricity Market.

The project is critical infrastructure required to unlock the renewable energy potential of western Victoria as a key Renewable Energy Zone and will help to deliver clean and affordable energy to all Victorians.

Project updates

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