Webinars with technical specialists

In late September our technical specialists will be holding a series of webinars on a range of important topics. Webinars provide a COVID-safe way for community members to get the information they need.

We encourage you to join us and learn more about the existing conditions across the Western Victorian Transmission Network Project area of interest. The existing conditions will inform the impact assessment reports for the Environment Effects Statement (EES).

We have listened to your valuable feedback, and we know the landholders within the proposed transmission corridor want more details about easement compensation and valuation. We have also included a webinar on this topic.

There will be an opportunity at the end of each presentation to ask questions.

The dates and times for the webinars are below.

Tuesday 21st September7:30pm-8:30pmBiodiversity
Wednesday 22nd September7:30pm-8:30pmCompensation and valuation
Thursday 23rd September7:30pm-8:30pmElectric and magnetic fields
Tuesday 28th September7:30pm-8:30pmBushfire
Wednesday 29th September7:30pm-8:30pmAgriculture
Thursday 30th September7:30pm-8:30pm

Landscape and visual amenity

Please follow this link to register: https://www.westernrenewableslink.com.au/get-involved/survey_tools/register-for-technical-specialist-webinar

Single corridor webinars

Please join us live on Thursday 16 September to find out about how the single corridor was selected and to ask any questions you might have on the process itself.

To provide more flexibility and opportunities for you to attend, one session will be at 11.00 am, the other at 7.00 pm.

Please follow this link to register: www.westernrenewableslink.com.au/get-involved/survey_tools/register-to-join-a-webinar

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about the project, or the upcoming online sessions by calling 1300 360 795 or emailing info@westernrenewableslink.com.au.