Western Renewables Link proposed route north of Waubra

We would like to provide you with the latest information on changes to the proposed route for the Western Renewables Link in the area to the north of Waubra.

Updated proposed route to the north of Waubra

Following changes to the project in 2023, we have been working with landholders to the north of Waubra to identify and confirm a new proposed route in this area. Rather than following the existing 220kV transmission line and connecting into the Waubra Terminal Station as previously proposed, the new proposed route will run east from Forest Road to the north of Glendaruel (north of the previous proposed route).

We have worked with landholders, technical specialists and undertaken field surveys to try to balance the many complexities to confirm the new proposed route.

From field surveys, investigations and landholder feedback, we have heard that the key considerations in this area include:

  • Houses
  • Agricultural land-use
  • Waubra wind farm
  • The natural landscape, including Mount Beckworth, Mount Bolton and Mount Ercildoun
  • Volcanic cones, which are recognised places of Aboriginal cultural heritage significance
  • Native vegetation and habitat.

These insights have informed the revised proposed route.

We have detailed this change in the Updated proposed route north of Waubra fact sheet, available on the project website, Resources page.

The interactive map on the project website has been updated to reflect this change to the proposed route. You can view the updated map here.

Other changes to the proposed route

New terminal station works will also be required near the existing Bulgana Terminal Station. While we are progressing designs and planning, the exact location of the terminal station works has not yet been finalised. We will provide you with an update on these works once available.

About the project

The Western Renewables Link is a proposed electricity transmission line that will carry renewable energy from western Victoria to homes and businesses across the state and into the National Electricity Market.

The project is critical infrastructure required to unlock the renewable energy potential of western Victoria as a key Renewable Energy Zone and will help to deliver clean and affordable energy to all Victorians.

Project updates

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